The most powerful website building service for small and medium-sized restaurants in the U.S.

Driving the Success of Community-Based Restaurants

There are numerous small and medium-sized restaurants in the United States, each with their own unique menu and atmosphere to delight customers. At the same time, however, they face stiff competition from their peers, making effective marketing and providing a superior customer experience essential. That’s why we offer website building services exclusively for small and medium-sized restaurants in the United States. This article describes the features of our localized solution and how we solve your challenges.

Fully Localized to the US Locality

In the restaurant industry, localization is of utmost importance. We have staff members who are familiar with the local conditions of each region of the U.S. and can customize our services to the smallest detail for each region. We build sites that take into account menu offerings, payment methods, shipping options, and even local cultural backgrounds. We will ensure that your site is completely localized to the region where your restaurant is located.

Accelerate your business with reservations & online ordering


Your website can be a tool not only to disseminate information, but also to accelerate your business. Depending on your needs, we can implement online reservation and online ordering features. These features will streamline your operations and help increase the number of customers and sales.

Localized SEO&marketing strategies.

It’s not enough to just build a site. We offer full support for localized SEO and promotional strategies. We promote your restaurant with comprehensive measures including localized keyword analysis, SNS marketing, listing ads, and more.

Optimal pricing for small and medium-sized restaurant operators


Our service is priced optimized for the needs of small and medium restaurant owners. There are no expensive upfront fees and we use a clear monthly fee structure. Because we package everything from site construction to operation into one package, you can enjoy high quality service even on a limited budget.

Proven track record and quality rooted in the American restaurant industry.

We have worked on many small and medium sized American restaurant websites. We have a deep understanding of the restaurant industry in each region and a wealth of experience. In addition, we are committed to the quality of our production and code under a strict quality control system to ensure high quality.

If you are a small to medium restaurant operator in the US, we can help. We offer the most powerful website solutions to help your restaurant business succeed in your community.