Building website in Hawaii

We meet the needs of our clients, such as homepage creation using WordPress, search engine optimization (SEO), integration of homepages with SNS, and incorporation of shopping carts and MLS (real estate listings) in Hawaii.
If you want to create a website in Hawaii, leave it to Content Hawaii.

Building website by WordPress

We mainly use WordPress as the content management system (CMS) in corporate website developments here in Honolulu, Hawaii.

We usually develop website using free or paid theme. However, if you need a completely custom websites. we are able to create a custom theme too.

Adding functions is easy. we will integrate various functions such as inquiry forms, MLS, shopping carts, member-only functions, appointment calendar ,tour reservation systems and more..

Acquisition of domain, setup of server, setting of e-mail address, responsive design, search engine optimization for website, ask anything to us.

We will set up Google Analytics and Google Serach Console for your business.


Responsive design supported

Responsive design is the deesign that makes one website appear properly on multiple devices such as smartphones, tablets and computers

It is our standard to develop a website with response design.
You can use the popular WordPress custom theme that supports responsive design.

Building multilingual websites

We will create websites that support multiple languages in Hawaii and the United States.
In addition to Japanese, English, we can support other languages such as Spanish, Korean, Chinese and more.

(For languages other than Japanese and English, the client needs to submit additional language texts. We also offer translation services at extra cost too,)



Search engine optimization (SEO)

You need to get some presence in Google search result.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a technique that allows you to get higher rank in Google search results of pre-set keyword.
It is our standard to built a site-wide optimized website.
However, it is also recommend to apply optimization to each individual pages with narrower  keywords such as product or service names.

We also help you choose the right keywords for each website and each pages

>> For details, see the SEO page in Hawaii

Social Network Integration

Incoming traffic from social networks is essential to boost the visitors and to get higher rank in Google search results.

For example, you can post automatically from instagram to Facebook, Twitter and your website.

We also help to create Social marketing ads on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and more.

Website maintenance

Updates of WordPress itself, updates of plugins and themes, database backup, deletion of spam comments, correction of broken links, correct markup of contents, resize of photos and optimization of compression ratio, etc. We accept maintenance.

Additional functions by industries

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MLS Integration for real estate business

We integrate MLS (Multiple Listing Service) to your website for your real estate business.
We are able to integrate multiple MLS subscriptions to your website through Internet Data Exchange (IDX) service.

We are able to built a MLS integrated multi-lingual real estate website as well.


E-commerce Integration for retailer

We develop a website with e-commerce integration.

Currently, it is popular that to integrate 3rd party e-commerce platform such as Shopify, BigCommerce and other services.

Some e-commerce have multi-language capability. And it is one of the our speciality.
We will provide multi-lingual e-commerce integrated to your website.

In addition, we have some experience to connect POS (point-of-sales ) systems such as Shopkeep, square with e-commerce servives.
it is possible to unify your offline and online inventories


Built-in restaurant reservation system

We will create a homepage that incorporates a reservation form and reservation system for restaurants. In addition to external reservation services such as OpenTable, we also accept settings for dedicated reservation forms.

We also accept POS cash register settings.


Built-in reservation calendar

We will create a homepage that incorporates a reservation calendar.
There are many spas, beauty salons and nail salons in Hawaii.
We are creating a website that incorporates a reservation system and reservation calendar for Hawaii businesses that provide such services.


Tour reservation system

We will create a homepage for Hawaii tour companies that incorporates a reservation system such as Fareharbor.

We can also help you analyze complex booking rules and incorporate them into your system.

Website development fees

The following costs are examples.
We will estimate the actual cost each time.
Please contact us.

New homepage creation

Website creation using WordPress

  • Up to 10 pages from $ 1,500
  • Up to 20 pages from $ 2,000
  • Up to 30 pages from $ 2,500

Search engine optimization

  • When creating a new website: From $ 100 per page
  • When applying SEO to an existing website: From $ 150 per page

Additional functions by industries

Shopping cart system production

  • Built-in shopping cart from $ 2,000
  • Japanese / English (multilingual) shopping cart from $ 2,500

Connection with POS Please contact us

Incorporates MLS / IDX (Real Estate Listing)

  • Built-in MLS / IDX in English only from $ 1,500
  • MLS / IDX built-in / Japanese localization from $ 2,000